Flame Retardant

We stock complete solutions for flame retardant encapsulation. Whether you are creating a welding habitat or covering scaffolding and larger structures, we have products that meet all requirements. The properties of our Premium qualities gives you a secure and durable solution that can last for up to several years.

  • Flame retardant shrink wrap
  • Flame retardant tape
  • Flame retardant doors and hatches

In addition to fire retardant properties and heat, the shrink wrap also withstands extreme temperatures and foult weather conditions. The shrink wrap is manufactured in Premium virgin quality with maximum bi-oriented shrink properties, solidity and UV protection. It is developed in collaboration with Dr. Shrink Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of shrink plastic for the industry.

Flame retardant B1 shrink wrap

Practical test with a grinder and a torch


The shrink wrap is classified as B1. The film here shows a practical test of our flame retardant shrink wrap. You can read more about the certification at the bottom of the article.



Doors and hatches

Many of our customers need access through the shrink wrap cover. We custom make all kind of accsess solutions in both flame retardant but also in other qualities. Whether you need a driveway or a small hatch for ventilation, we make this according to your measures and needs. We also have standard zippered doors in either U- or D-shaped opening.

DS 72 flammehemmende glidelasdor

 Dor flammehemmende


Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap Tape

For covers that will stand over a period it will be necessary to ensure the seaming and welding edges shrink plastic with tape. The tape is also used in repairs or infesting of doors and hatches. The flame retardant shrink tape is 250 microns thick, is UV-protected and has a very strong glue. 96 mm wide, easy tear edge and 55 meters long. The tape is approved according to the flame retardant requirements NFPA 701 and ASTM E84.

DS 734 Alfa

 Flammehemmende tape

 Her er tapen benyttet til en liten reparasjon av duken samt midlertidig sikring under montering.



We do courses and training for our customers. This is often done at the customer site or directly on the project. We review the materials, uses and maintenance of equipment and covering techniques. The film below shows what a team  of skilled employees from Byggesystemer AS in Oslo did on their first project.


 TK 7404 Flammehemmende krympeplast Mongstad


Our flame retardant shrink wrap, doors and hatches are approved according to BS: EN 13501, EN 13823 SBI and comply with ISO 11925-2: 2010, BS EN 13823: 2010 and Fire class B-s1, d0.

Flame retardant Certified to BS: EN13501 Class B standard.


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