Tensioning Tool

The Tensioning Tool is used when creating the perimeter band. If the perimeter band is left only hand tightened, the cover will sit loosely over the object and can rub and chafe the object. A band properly tightened with the Tensioning Tool will create a powerful perimeter band that will hug the cover securely against the protected object, preventing movement and eliminating chafing.

alfasolution Jekk for strammeband



Buckles are needed in both the support structure and the perimeter band. The buckle is used with the strapping and tensioning tool when creating a tight-fitting perimeter band. When creating the support structure, the buckles allow the installer to suciently hand tighten the strapping and produce a sturdy, sloping frame for the shrink wrap cover.

buckles alfasolution



Cut your straps & shrink wrap with ease.

Professional Film Cutting Knife

Used to safely and smoothly cut shrink wrap during installation. No danger of scratching or cutting equipment with blade. Replacement blades available.

ResizedImage224153 DS 007 proffkniv for krympeplast


Wrap n' Strap Knife

One blade designated to cut strapping and the other blade used to make even, smooth cuts for shrink wrap. A combination of our innovative Ring Cutter (DS-RCUT) and Film Knife (DS-007) tools, the Wrap n’ Strap Knife is a handy, safe, and convenient tool to cut your strapping and film with a simple flip of the blade. Replacement blades available

ResizedImage248171 DS 008 Wrap n Strap Knife bigRing Cutter

Convenient strap cutting tool that allows the user to safely keep a blade available to them throughout the shrink wrapping process. Cuts woven cord strapping with ease.

ResizedImage219199 DS Rcut

Long Cuff Safety Gloves

The Long Cuff Safety Gloves will not stick to heated wrap and will protect your hands during those extreme jobs.

ResizedImage225175 DS 009 Sikkerhetshansker