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Alfa Solution As is an international, one-stop Europe supplier of premium shrink wrap and all installation supplies and accessories. With shrink wrap immediately available in several widths, we also offer heat tools, adhesives, and venting. Same day shipping - will ship the same day from our main warehouse in the Grimstad area.

We are expanding our distribution network worldwide, for distribution opportunities, send us an email

Alfa Solutions produces and distributes covers and protective solutions, which can be used in many civilian, military and industrial applications. One of the most important aspects of our varied solutions is its ability to protect assets against moisture and corrosion damage, UV radiation and harsh weather conditions.

Alfa Solutions has different product lines, which are applicable to various military and industrial sectors.

Our TRANSHIELD covers are custom made and suitable to use for protection of operational equipment with immediate use, like deck winches, provisional cranes and ROV systems.

Dr. SHRINK – international shrink wrap supplier. Premium quality of Shrink Wrap is used for all kind of storage and transportation in combination with our ProGARDO products, it gives an ultimate preservation and corrosion protection.

The ProGARDO product line is based on special VCI+ formula using different carriers for application. ProGARDO used in combination with our Premium Virgin shrink wrap can protect against corrosion for up to 5 years.

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Alfa Solution is a company founded in 1994 and have since 2008 focused on solutions to protect equipment during storage, transportation and operation. Over the years we have developed new solutions and products that have been used with proven success in the oil & gas for long term storage, preservation, and for open deck transport of sensitive and high cost equipment. Our products are used from the manufacturing process and storage of spare parts, until the variuos need for protection of the complete equipment during storage, preservation and operation. Our solutions are cost effective and have proven 60% or more in reduction of cost compared to traditional solutions, and does in addition last for much longer period compared to traditional methods. Our products are used in several countries in Europe and have briefly started in USA.


Our Contacts

Rune Johansen

Managing Director

Email: rune@alfasolution.no
Phone: +47 911 78 603

Venche Skogli

Administrative Manager 

Email: venche@alfasolution.no
Telephone: +47 915 15 513

Pål Widem

Sales Manager/ Marketing

Email: pal@alfasolution.no
Phone: +47 416 53 167

Mazena Mazurkievic


Email: mazena@alfasolution.no
Phone: +47 981 14 939


Our office is located in Grimstad, Norway

For questions and requests concerning our products contact:

Telephone:  +47 37 09 19 20

To visit us:

Alfa Solution AS
Østerskogen 60
N-4879 Grimstad


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