Vents - are useful on nearly anything that is in need of air flow; to help air move both in and out from under your cover at least two openings are reccomended, put a couple of vents up high and a couple down low if there are no air passages at the base of the cover. 

Good ventilation is essential to prevent the build-up of humidity. Natural cross-ventilation is the best option for most projects, we also offer a large range of cost-effective vents to boost ventilation.

Weather-Tight Vent

Allows air circulation under shrink wrap covers and is water resistant when installed horizontally or vertically. Easy installation using the one-piece pull tab. UV additives for long life in all climates.

Self-Piercing Louvered Vent

The Stealth vent is easily installed by simply piercing the shrink wrap cover. Provides protection from condensation, heat build-up and mildew from trapped moisture. Seals itself to prevent rain and snow from getting under the cover. Made of lightweight and durable plastic.

Wind-Powered Vent

Dr. Shrink has once again re-invented the Weather-Tight vent. They added anemometer cups to spin blades, creating the DS-683WP Wind-Powered Vent. It moves air under the shrink wrap cover with even the slightest breeze and can circulate air 24 hours per day. The cups can be rotated to either deliver air or remove it, maximizing air flow under the cover and eliminating moisture buildup