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A construction site can be a vulnerable place. Whether it’s the construction of a new building or renovation/add-on to an existing one, there’s the risk of weather eroding all the hard work or ceasing it for a long period of time.  For example, water damage– whether it’s rain entering the structure, melting snow, or leaks.

The efficiency of the workers is highly influenced by the weather. It turns out that during the months with the worst weather conditions, one can save up to 22 % of the working hours.

Alfa Solution stock a complete line of premium, shrink wrap products capable of wrapping large buildings and scaffolding. Our product shrinks “drum-tight” and is far more effective than traditional tarps and sheeting. This durable, weatherproof covering creates a proper enclosure and protects the project from potential damage.

Additionally, our shrink wrap provides an improved work environment. The white shrink wrap allows natural, shadow-free lighting while blocking harmful UV rays. Worker downtime is reduced and the enclosed air can even be heated or cooled.

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