Shrink Tape is a polyethylene tape that is designed to install doors and seal pleats, seams, and holes. Available in blue, white and clear in 48, 96 og 144 mm widths.

Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape

This tape is long lasting and permanently bonds to our premium shrink wrap. Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape works great on all applications requiring higher bond strength and longer life span.

Dr. Shrink’s Preservation Tape

Preservation Tape is a waterproof tape that contains UV inhibitors for long term storage and leaves minimal adhesive residue. Preservation Tape is most commonly used for transportation covers where the cover needs to be taped directly to the object.

Dr. Shrink’s Anti-Chafe Tape

Dr. Shrink’s Anti-Chafe Tape is a high performance polyethylene ­lm that provides a tough, puncture resistant material to prevent abrasion. This tape is designed as a low-tack ­lm that will provide protection for your boat or other object. Use only between shrink wrap and the object. Simply apply it directly to the object where the shrink wrap touches. The tape acts as a barrier between the object and shrink wrap, thus preventing any scratching or cha­ng. The black underside of the tape contains UV inhibitors to prevent the sun from drying out the adhesive.

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