VCI Spray

ProGARDO VCI Multi Spray. Cleans, lubricate and protect all metal against corrosion.

ProGardo VCI Spray 10


The main benefits of corrosion protection with multi spray includes high wear resistant, lengthening the service lifespan, as well as better protection against aggressive environments such as immersion in sea water. Corrosion is a huge issue for steel products and that is why adding corrosion protection used for endless applications across all industries.

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 ProGARDO VCI Multipurpose Spray provides an effective corrosion protection for both in-process storage during and after operation storage. It protects metals through direct contact and vapor action.

The ProGARDO VCI chemicals deposit on the metal surface and form a protective mono-ionic layer, which provides a long term protection to the parts.


ProGardo VCI Spray 11



  • Pipes and Support
  • Welds 
  • Cable Racks
  • Switch and Control
  • Cabinets
  • Battery Containers

ProGardo VCI Spray 2


Available in 500ml / 2,500 and larger cans/ barrels on request.



MSDS ProGardo VCI Spray

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