End Caps & Bottom Caps

Designed to fit the cut end of a two by four, end caps hold the shrink wrap up off of the support braces and create a smooth flat surface for the shrink film to reach across at the desired height while also providing a smooth but substantial base for the support brace when under tension of stapping.


The Super Cap is designed to transfer the weight of snow, ice, and rain from the top of 2x4 support poles used under shrink wrap storage covers. Dome shaped and 20” in diameter, the Super Cap rests on the woven cord strapping running both lengthwise and crosswise, thus minimizing support poles from poking through shrink wrap covers. Super Caps can be easily attached to wooden uprights with either a nail or staples.

End Caps & Bottom Caps (DS-CAP & DS-BCAP)

End Caps and Bottom Caps are designed to fit on the top and bottom of 2x4 boards commonly used as support poles under shrink wrap covers. The Caps have slits every 90˚ for the woven cord strapping to slide into and when the cover is shrunk, the sections ex downward forming a protective pad on the top to eliminate pole poke-through. Bottom Caps have non-skid disks attached for added stability.

 ResizedImage304203 DS Cap i bruk

ResizedImage308213 DS BCap

ResizedImage304192 DS Cap topp for stotte