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Shrink Wrap as an Anti Corrosion Solution

Autumn 2016/ Oil and Gas INNOVATION

This is just one among the many topics we discuss in this exclusive interview with Alfa Solution AS. Alfa produces a shrink wrap which has many civilian and industrial applications. One of the most important aspects to their varied solution is its ability to protect oil and gas related assets against corrosion. This unique solutions can be more efficient than traditional methods, while also being less costly for the user. We have Alfa Solution explain this to us and the reader in depth below.


OGI: Could you start by explaining Alfa Solution AS’s credentials and experience in terms of the applications of your products and services in the Oil and Gas sector? Could you tell our readers the breadth of your experience, how long the company has been active, and its worldwide reach?

Alfa Solution: Alfa Solution AS is a company founded in 1994 and have since 2008 focused on solutions to protect equipment during storage, preservation, transport and operation. Over the years we have developed new solutions and products that have been used with proven success in the oil & gas for long term storage and preservation, and for open deck transport of sensitive and high cost equipment. Our products are used from the manufacturing process and storage of spare parts, until the various need for protection of the complete equipment during storage, preservation, transport and operation. Our solutions are cost effective and have proven 60% or more in reduction of cost compared to traditional solutions, and does in addition last for a much longer period compared to traditional methods. Our products are used in several countries in Europe and have briefly started distribution in USA.

OGI: What are the various sectors you work in?

Alfa Solution: ALFA Solution AS have solutions that fit several sectors of the industry, our products and solutions are used in the construction industry, mechanical industry, shipping industry, oil & gas industry, defence industry and all levels of supply chain industry. Our solutions are flexible and can easily be adopted to fit each and one of these sectors.

OGI: Alfa Solution has a few different product lines, which are of course applicable to various industrial sectors. Could you explain in detail which various solutions the company offers which are applicable to oil and gas?

Alfa Solution: All of our product lines are applicable in the oil and gas sector, both our Transhield covers, the Premium Shrink Wrap and ProGARDO products are self-standing product lines but also used in combination to cover different need. Our Transhield covers from Dr. Shrink Inc. are special made and suitable to use for protection of operational equipment with intermediate use, like deck winches, provisional cranes and ROV systems. They are light weight, easy to pull on and off and protect against corrosion and environmental degradation, reducing the maintenance cost fur such equipment significant. The covers are also recommended to be used for protection against icing of equipment in arctic environment and operation. Our various quality of Shrink Wrap are used for all kind of storage and transportation protection, in combination with our ProGARDO products it gives an ultimate preservation and corrosion protection. Our Premium Virgin shrink wrap have additives that makes it last for at least 5 years in Nordic climate and 2 years or more in desert/tropical climate.


The ProGARDO product line is also self-standing products based on a special VCI formula using different carriers for application, it can be used for protection of electrical and PLS cabinets, mechanical equipment, spare parts etc. and for humidity control in containers etc. ProGARDO used in combination with our Premium Virgin shrink wrap can protect against corrosion for up to 5 years.


OGI: I understand you employ shrink plastic in many operations, how does this help clients and why is it such as effective solution?

Alfa Solution: Shrink Wrapping can as mentioned be used in a variety of operations and it gives our client a cost efficient and sturdy protection not only for equipment but in many occasions also for personnel. Used during manufacturing of modules it can cover the whole module and give a working friendly environment for the operators which increase both the safety and the efficiency. In addition it also gives a good protection against falling objects when working at height like on ship yards. Shrink Wrap is very easy to install and gives a full weather tight protection that stand during harsh weather conditions, combined with the flexibility and reasonable material cost it’s the most cost efficient solution in the market today. There are no limitations for size, shape or where you can use Shrink Wrap.

OGI: How do you help companies with corrosion control?

Alfa Solution: Alfa Solution AS assist companies finding the best solution for corrosion control of their specific need and equipment based on information of equipment and activities of company and also site visit. In some situations and on complex projects we either take care of the full job or assist company with a Supervisor during the project. The intention is however to educate company personnel to be self-standing and able to easy navigate and use the right solution for the various situations, this give them maximum flexibility and knowledge of how to take care and protect their own equipment at all time. To give companies the best possible knowledge we run training sessions on site, on training facilities or in our warehouse, and we are always available for assistance when required.

Offshore ROV Corrosion protective cover

OGI: How does your ProGARDO VCI products work?

Alfa Solution: VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor and the + sign reflects our special formula that gives the VCI a longer life span. Chemicals used for ProGARDO VCI+ are evaporative materials that when used with different carriers like fluid, PE or talcum etc. acts inside a closed environment. The VCI molecules evaporate in the enclosed environment and establish a protective coating over the surface of the metals. This protective layer prevents the corrosive elements such as humidity, salts or environmental elements to react with the metal surface and cause corrosion. The ProGARDO VCI+ does not bind permanently to the surface and will disappear when unwrapped; parts can then be installed directly without any major cleaning process which saves both time and environment. ProGARDO VCI+ products can be used safely and effectively in every metal applications such as iron, steel, copper, aluminium, galvanized metals etc.

OGI: Finally, could you enlighten our readers of a particular case study where you helped a?

Alfa Solution: One of our recent projects in assisting a client is regarding problems related to storage of emergency pipes on a large storage facility on the West coast of Norway. Our client had for many years tried various solutions to protect the pipes against environmental degradation and corrosion, the pipe coating eroded and the pipes corroded. The previous solutions they had tried were not successful for more than a few months and required continuously maintenance and replacement. Our first step was to solve the environmental degradation of the coating and to confirm the life time of our product, this we did by covering a full stack of pipe with our Premium Virgin shrink wrap. This cover have now been on for 3 years through all kind of weather conditions without any sign of wear or need for repair. The next step was to take care of the corrosion control of the inside of the pipes, this was solved by pulling a VCI+ PE film through the entire pipe, installing our special desiccant bags and closing the pipe ends of with special made Transhield covers. As can be seen from above this involved a full combination of our major product lines but giving a complete protection for years to come. 


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