Crash Wrap

When damage occurs, crash wrap prevents for futher damage. Crash wrap is a tough, flexible, self-adhesive plastic film.


restverdier crashwrap

Hurricanne ripped the roof from the cabin in Mandal, Norway. /Aftenposten.


Our Crash Wrap is self-adhesive and applies easily around broken windows and other areas exposed to damage. It is also UV protected to provide durable, long lasting protection. 

 restverdig sikring krympeplast


Collision Wrap Film


rbl collision wrap crop u35278


Our  Collision Wrap (also known as windshield wrap or wreck wrap,) film is used to prevent additional deterioration in vehicles or other equipment that have experienced damage or have been in a crash and may be temporarily open to the element

  • Durable resistant plastic film with UV inhibitor
  • Adheres to clean and dry surface - metal, glass & plastic
  • See-through clear plastic
  • Film cuts easily with razor blade or poly knife 
  • Immediate protection anywhere a vehicle is temporarily stored and vehicle interior is exposed to risk of damage from wind, rain, dirt, etc., outdoors or indoors!