Pipe Storage

pipe storage systems


Looking for a safe & flexible pipe storage system? Dhatec Pipe Stop System offers a turn-key solution.

PipeStop is an engineered system used for both permanent pipe storage and for temporary logistics bases. Dhatec Pipe Stop is a modular pipe stack system with rails and blocks that combine to form a nesting for pipe to be layed into.

With our Pipe Stop system, safe and flexible pipe storage is easy. For smaller diameter pipes we offer our Pipe Carrier Standard and Pipe Carrier Premium.




Why use the Dhatec Pipe Stop System for your pipe storage?


  • Optimal safety for employees
  • Easy to adjust for different diameters
  • Safe for any coated surface
  • One stop shopping - one supplier for the whole system
  • Fast installation
  • High durability, long lifetime
  • Resistant against oil and moist


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