Shrink Wrap

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From novice to expert, Alfa Solution caters to your shrink wrapping needs. We always have a steady supply of stock ready to ship out to you within a moments notice.


alfa solution shrink wrap


We have a large sortiment of shrink wrap in various levels of quality, thickness, width and length perfect for your requirements and budget. Don’t forget to boost your protective covers with our ‘ProGARDO corrosion protection’ range. You can expect up to 5 years(or more) protection in the Nordic climates, and up to 2 years in desert/tropical climates.

Shrink wrap is very flexible, and is used in many different industries. This strong, durable and cost effective technique is used on, machinery, vehicles, scaffolding, buildings, manufactured goods, prefab modules and list goes on! Get your assets out of the weather, and save money with the world's most advanced protection options right here with Alfa Solution.


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