VCI Capsule

VCI+ Corrpack is a must to have in electronic cabinets, controller panels, junction boxes, electrical control boxes and similar types of equipment.  Corrpack takes control of condensations, protect values from moisture and mold damage with our desiccants and absorbent products.

Corrpack Alfa SOlution 1


ProGardo CorrPack VCI Capsule designed for long term corrosion protection of closed areas. Each capsule protects 25 cubic feet (1 cubic meter) and lasts up to 5 years. Absorbs chloride or sulfide gases. It has a self adhesive bottom for easy application.


Corrpack Alfa SOlution 2


This product can neutralize acid level and helps to keep the PH level. Capsules create an invisible corrosion inhibiting vapor shield on the metal surface. The molecules in the vapor prevent the reactions that cause corrosion to form.

Corrpack Alfa SOlution

Installation is easy - Each Corrpack comes in a clear plastic baggie - remove from baggie to use.  Do not open lid!



MSDS ProGardo Corrpack

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