Heat Tools

When it comes to shrink wrapping, the quality of your chosen heat tool is almost as important as the quality of the shrink wrap used. We often get asked the question of "What heatgun is the best?". The short answer is that it is a personal preference and any of the heat guns for shrink wrap that we sell will get the job done. We have different preferences.

Alfa Solution is a distributor of heat shrink guns & tools and has several  technicians on staff to help troubleshoot or discuss various aspects of any tool or part for any model heat tool.

Choosing the right tool for the job is important. Weather it is for professional, or private use, we have the right heat tool for you!

We are also an authorised service center which provides the technical support you may need.

RIPACK®  Heat tool products are patented in Europe and the United States. The "cold nozzle" patent, helps redust the risk of contact burns, is one of RIPACK's® many innovations in heat tools.

Shrinkfast® is the manufacturer of the world’s most popular, UL® approved heat tools. With 40+ years of innovation expertise, Shrinkfast heat tools are manufactured in the United States, come with a full one-year warranty, and offer a full line of accessories to meet any shrink wrap requirement.