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There are many ways to ensure rust prevention. Whether you are in the shipping or storage  industry CargoPack desiccant bags can be a good solution for rust prevention.

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If you are shipping goods by land, sea or air cargo, your understanding of shipping conditions plays a large part in preventing rust before and throughout transit. In shipping, iron, oxygen and water are often all present inside the shipping container. Yet the internal and external temperatures both impact the electrochemical reaction that could occur between these elements inside the environment, so understanding the degree of severity inside and outside the packaging environment is an important step toward improving corrosion management throughout the entire shipping cycle.

Inside a package or shipping container, the more volume of air that condenses, the greater amount of small moisture droplets appearing inside the environment. Because metal surfaces cool faster than other surfaces, these metals usually attract the most moisture. Therefore, temperature fluctuations create a high risk of rust.

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Desiccant bags with special characteristics of 250% + absorption rate and polymer encapsulated will reduce the risk of breakage and spill on cargo, and does not leak after full absorption. CargoPack  possess the capacity of reducing the dew point in storage and transportation containers and offer an especially effective protection against condensation water. 

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• Polypropylene <10%
• Polyethylene <10%
• Synthetic Polymer 5-20%
• Natural Polymer 5-20%
• Calcium Chloride 50-95%



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