Pipe Closure

Alfa Solution AS offers a  wide range of solutions to protect and close off pipe-ends for different purposes from factory to construction site in the most extreme circumstances. We can provide you with every kind of Pipe Closure, for every diameter in any climate condition. In case our standard products do not match your specific needs, we can customize to be compliant with your specification.

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TRANSHIELD close off pipe-ends covers are custom made and suitable to use for protection of operational equipment with immediate use.

Transhield comes in several different grades and colors:

  • Standart Covers. Outer layer is a water resistant film that not only shrinks, but also stretches, while the inner layer is a soft, microfiber-like polyester nonwoven. The material is used to make custom covers for a wide range of products to protect against environmental damage during transportation and storage.
  • XT Covers. Made to withstand extreme environments from intense heat and humidity to brittle cold and snow, . The smooth exterior sheds water and snow. The soft interior contains a patented VCI technology that works within the body of the cover by emitting VCI in vapor form and bonding to the equipment’s metal surface, thereby disrupting the electro-chemical reaction that causes corrosion.

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The PE Plug prevents contamination by dirt and moisture. If you combine this plug with a Reusable Bevel Protector, it will provide optimal pipe-end protection.

The ideal combination (PE Plug + Bevel Protector) offers the following advantages:

  • Application range: 8" - 56"
  • Suitable for hook lifting
  • No problems with temperature fluctuations
  • Application on stacked pipes
  • Standard and non-standard dimensions