Protective Covers

Alfa Solutions has different product lines, which are applicable to various military and industrial sectors. Our TRANSHIELD covers are custom made and suitable to use for protection of operational equipment with immediate use, like deck winches, provisional cranes and ROV systems.Notes. The introduction is already on the opening page of defense. I would just remove this text.

Alfa Solution offer a wide range of covers in different quality grades:

  • Standard Covers: The outer layer is water-resistant, that is not only shrinkable, but also stretches.The inner layer is a soft, microfiber-like polyester nonwoven fabric, which allows the cover to breathe. These covers are used to protect your assets against environmental damage during transportation and storage.

  • XT Covers: Made to withstand extreme environments from intense heat and humidity to brittle cold and snow. The smooth exterior sheds water and snow. The soft interior contains a patented VCI technology that works within the body of the cover by emitting VCI in vapor form and bonding to the equipment’s metal surface, thereby disrupting the electro-chemical reaction that causes corrosion.

  • ArmorDillo Covers: With the same properties as the XT covers, ArmorDillo is extra durable made to excel in the day-to-day work environment. It can have custom graphics applied to the exterior.