Anti Chafe Tape

 Anti-Chafe Tape is a high performance polyethylene film that provides a tough, puncture resistant material to prevent abrasion. This tape is designed as a low-tack film that will provide protection for your boat or other object. Use only between shrink wrap and the object. Simply apply it directly to the object where the shrink wrap touches. The tape acts as a barrier between the object and shrink wrap, thus preventing any scratching or chafing. The black underside of the tape contains UV inhibitors to prevent the sun from drying out the adhesive.

  • DS-CHAFE3 - 7,5 cm x 300 m
  • DS-CHAFE6 - 15 cm x 300 m
  • DS-CHAFE12 - 30 cm x 300 m
  • DS-CHAFE24 - 60 cm x 180 m

ResizedImage307230 DS Chafe AntiskrapefilmResizedImage303412 DS Chafe pa bil