Pipe Preservation

Various preservation methods have been investigated to mitigate the negative impact of pipe storage over long periods.

In addition, we have been involved in an industry initiative to investigate and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of different alternatives available to mitigate the deterioration of pipelines storage over long periods.

As more and more new oil and gas reserves are developed in more challenging and remote locations, increased transportation difficulties and thus increased long-distance pipeline constructions have been seen. Large pipe volumes are often required on a single pipeline project, and thus pipe coating activities may take place several months or even years before the coated pipes are loaded out for installation.

The presence of dissolved oxygen can contribute to a range of problems in pipelines. At a simplistic level, the oxygen can contribute to corrosion of the pipeline metal substrate. If the oxygen is consumed over a large surface area of metal pipe, then the general corrosion reaction will be negligible compared with pipe-wall-thickness manufacturing tolerances.