Corrosion Protection

2016 08 24


We all know that it is crucial to vent shrink wrap covers to allow air into the cover and eliminate moisture and mildew from forming. If you are in an area that is very humid or have an object that is prone to moisture buildup, you may want to look into using some of our mildew and moisture control products for added protection.

ALFA Solution has developed a unique solution for corrosion protection of equipment and materials. By adding our Anti-Corrosion products inside the pipe before applying Pipe Closure. The internal pipe is protected against moisture.

ProGARDO used in combination with our Premium Virgin shrink wrap can protect against corrosion for up to 5 years.

5 ProGardo Preserving StorageVCI distributes a molecular layer over the internal pipe surface that prevents corrosion damage on the internal pipe surface.

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