Alfa Solution produces and distributes protective covers and solutions, tailor made for the military sector.

We have developed the best possible protection for your assets, from moisture and corrosion damage, UV radiation and all other harsh weather conditions.

TRANSHIELD is a bespoke, reusable cover used for protection of operational equipment, like deck winches, provisional cranes and ROV systems. Transhield covers have anti-corrosion inhibitors in the high-tech fabric to reduce corrosion by up to 95%. They are made to withstand nature’s most severe attacks!

Dr. SHRINK  is the highest quality premium Shrink Wrap available. It is used for outdoor equipment storage and transportation. Although shrink wrap is a “one-time use” option, it is fully recyclable, and very easy to install.

The ProGARDO product line is based on special VCI+ formula using different carriers for application. ProGARDO used in combination with our Premium Virgin shrink wrap can protect against corrosion for up to 5 years.

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