It’s incredible how much of an impact corrosion has on a country’s infrastructure, regardless of climate. Everywhere from deserts to the tropics, corrosion results in poor performance and dangerous conditions, necessitating repair and even replacement of equipment and materials. Worldwide, the costs associated with corrosion are astronomical.

Both public and private sector organizations have realized this problem needs a solution, and at Alfa Solution, we are proud to provide exactly that. With varieties of fabric, we are able to create anti-corrosion storage covers for any industry. No matter the obstacles, we have a way to keep your equipment in pristine shape.

We customize our coverings for each particular piece of equipment. Our h-tech, anti-corrosion covers provide equipment and weapons systems with a superior defense against the punishing and unpredictable climates encountered at sea. They slow corrosion rates by as much as 95%, reducing maintenance interventions and costly downtime.