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Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap

We have Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap that meets European Fire Test Requirements. Dr Shrink is well known in the market place for its high bonding characteristics, consistent quality and shrinkablilty.



The ProGARDO product line is self standing products based on a special VCI formula using different carriers for application, it can be used for protection of ef electrical and PLS cabinets, mechanical equipment, spare parts etc. and for humidity control in containers etc. ProGARDO used in combination with out Premium Virgin shrink wrap can protect against corrosion for up to 5 years.

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Corrosion control

We have a moisture control product that will help with the solution. If you are enclosing an area and want to absorb any moisture that finds it's way it in, use desiccant bags. If you are concerned about rust, use a corrosion inhibitor (VCI).

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Our Transhield covers are special made and suitable to use for protection of operational equipment with intermediate use, like deck winches, provisional cranes and ROV systems. They are light weight, easy to pull on and off and protect against corrosion and environmental degradation, reducing the maintenance cost fur such equipment significant.

The covers are also recommended to be used for protection against icing of equipment in arctic environment and operation.



Alfa Solution are providing service and products for all Military branches related to life extension and protection of all type of equipment and spare parts,covering everything from hand weapon to heavy artillery, deckartillery, vehicles, equipment and spare parts.

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Moisture Control

We all know that it is crucial to vent shrink wrap covers to allow air into the cover and eliminate moisture and mildew from forming. If you are in an area that is very humid or have an object that is prone to moisture buildup, you may want to look into using some of our mildew and moisture control products for added protection.